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Dr. Pam Bagworth TutoringDr Pam Bagworth is the Principal of ACADEMIC TASK FORCE.

  “I have over 30 years experience helping students achieve excellent results. I am very proud of our excellent record of quality teaching and the high academic results our students have achieved.”

Since we started Revision courses in 1986 we have helped over 100,000 students maximise performance and achieve success.

Enthusiastic feed back from students, parents and teachers tells us that our courses fill a real need and that students achieve great results.


Excellent 2012 WACE results were achieved by students who attended ACADEMIC TASK FORCE REVISION COURSES:

  • 11 General Exhibitions
  • 6 Course Exhibitions
  • 46 Certificates of Distinction
  • 108 Certificates of Commendation
  • Beazley Medal Winner 2010

Whether you are a high achiever looking to get that extra edge with your results, or would like additional support in reaching your potential, Academic Task Force can help you get the results you are aiming for.

Our students say:

‘I now have a greater understanding of the subject and a more positive attitude towards tackling questions previously not understood.’

‘I have gained greater direction, better focus, more confidence.’

‘Study skills was great fun, interesting and very beneficial.’

‘Now I can write a well planned essay without having to think –“Oh God! Where do I start?”’

‘The Chemistry and Physics courses were excellent.  They consolidated my previous learning and furthered my understanding.’

‘Now I know what to do when I go into an exam.’

‘The Human Biology and Economics courses gave me lots of tips to make my work stand out from the rest.’

‘The small groups mean that classes are more productive and friendly. I particularly liked the way teachers took time to see if you understood properly.’

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