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5 Indicators Your Child Needs A Tutor

Is your child struggling in school?  If you notice one or more of these signs, it may mean you need to hire the services of a tutor – pronto!

1. They are not reaching their full potential

Are you one of those parents who believe their child could achieve so much more? We usually recognise inherent gifts and abilities in our children so it can be frustrating to learn that they are not doing well in school despite their great potential. When you are clueless as to how you can bring out the best in your child, it may be time to hire a tutor.

Any capable tutor would know how to bring out their clients’ personal best. Tutors can help set academic goals and guide your child towards accomplishing them by discovering and cultivating intrinsic strengths and talents.

2. They lack confidence

When students are confident, they become more capable to succeed in school, and later in their careers. Students who are enrolled in tutoring services are reported to show more self-assurance during tests and class discussions. The only way this can happen is if they have mastered their subjects. Qualified tutors, who are usually experts in multiple academic disciplines, can give your child a better grasp of different subject matters, reinforcing their confidence in the process.

3. Their marks are dropping

As much as possible, parents would want their children to get good marks. While school marks should not define anyone, we can all agree that they do play a role in our children’s future. Hiring a tutor will keep them from falling behind and will give them the academic advantage they need to succeed in school.

A tutor can give extra attention to areas where your child is having most difficulties, targeting to improve weak subject areas as well as strong ones. One of the best things about having a tutor is that your child can freely ask questions and request to spend more time on problem areas.

4. Their homework overwhelms them

One area where most tutors specialise is providing assistance with assignments. They can give students the guidance they need in order to be able to Independently complete their homework.

Taking too long to finish homework takes away free time that could otherwise be spent on

socialising and other activities intended to contribute to your child’s well-being. A good tutor can organise their students’ schedule, set a target for completing  homework and guide them in hitting that target.

5. They hate school

When your child consistently shows signs of wanting to skip school, it is usually a dead giveaway that there is a problem. There are so many reasons why students detest going to school. Some may be having trouble fitting in or dealing with certain teachers or classmates. Some may not be getting enough sleep. Most of the time, however, it is experiencing difficulties with subjects that decreases students’ interest to attend class.

Well-qualified tutors can use their knowledge and expertise to simplify topics that cause confusion and difficulties. Hiring a tutor is one of the surest ways to to maximise learning so that your child won’t have to struggle with tests and classwork.

Benefits of Hiring a Tutor

Some swear on the effectiveness of private tuition, while others say it is a waste of time and money, and that it can actually do more harm than good. With all the debate going on, it could be hard to make up your mind about hiring a tutor, but these advantages will help you decide.

  • Students get focused, on-to-one attention.
  • Tutors can answer questions and give step-by-step explanations.
  • They provide assistance with time management for study schedule and homework.
  • They can help secure academic advantage.
  • Regular tutoring appointments produce clear results.
  • Tuition can improve study habits.
  • Your child can get added motivation.
  • Tutors can modify their teaching style to fit their students needs.
  • You and your child can get customised support
  • Flexibility when it comes to schedule and location is an advantage.
  • Tuition can reduce stress in students during tests and exams.
  • Tuition promises an enriched learning experience
  • Distractions are minimised during appoinments.
  • Tutors can give feedback and monitor progress.
  • Tutors can give advise based on knowledge and personal experience.




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