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developing Strong writing Skills

It’s about time parents start focusing on their children’s written communication skills!

Low marks in maths usually pressure parents into enrolling their kids in after-school classes meant to improve their numeracy skills. A poor performance in subjects such as chemistry, accounting and physics prompt them to consider revision programs. But the importance of written skills and its connection to overall academic performance are often bypassed.

It is an established -- though often overlooked -- fact that children need strong written communication abilities in order to do well in school. Its importance transcends through all areas of the school curriculum. A huge percentage of homework and exams has to be completed using the written word. More than half of the time, it is how students showcase what they have learned.

Developing solid writing skills while they are young will help students tremendously as they get older. Entering colleges and universities is almost impossible without submitting a well-composed application essay. They will be asked to complete countless research papers, reports and other written assignments as they move through tertiary education.

Even as students leave school and get jobs, they will be required to write regularly. Writing is an unavoidable part of the corporate world -- from job applications to resignations and everything in between.

Writing is one of the four ways with which people communicate with each other. Even in their personal relationships and interaction with other people, children need effective writing skills. They will need to scribble notes, compose emails and create written agreements. Poor writing skills will hinder them from successfully doing these things.

To summarise, good written communication skills will help children in several areas including but not limited to the following:

  • Homework
  • Tests and Exams
  • University Applications
  • Research Papers
  • Reports
  • Dissertations
  • Job Applications
  • Communicating with Others
  • Expressing their Thoughts and Feelings
  • Writing Corporate Documents

Others may argue that writers are born and not made. We beg to disagree! We believe that writing skills can be learned and developed. It may not happen overnight, but a lot of students enrolled in our Essay Writing Program have acquired advanced writing prowess through constant practice, guidance and instruction.

Students simply need to be introduced to effective strategies proven to cultivate and polish their writing skills. As parents, here are some things you can do:

1. Encourage them to keep a journal

Keeping a journal will help make it easier for kids to express their thoughts through writing. Over time, it will teach them how to organise their thoughts, become more articulate and choose their words properly. In addition, it is a therapeutic way to express feelings that cannot usually be done so through speaking. It will improve your child’s emotional health.

2. Write them notes

Set an example by writing to them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a letter, a short reminder on a post-it or a grocery list -- If you incorporate writing into your daily lives, it will seem to them like an easy task. They wouldn’t struggle too much when asked to write in school.

3. Encourage them to read

It is impossible to write eloquently without reading. Encourage your child to read by giving them books and introducing them to written masterpieces. It will improve their vocabulary, as well as develop their critical-thinking abilities.

4. Get the help of a professional

Nothing can help children develop writing skills faster and more effectively than the guidance of an experienced professional. We encourage you to enrol your child in our Essay Writing Course, a program specially developed to help students understand questions; plan and structure their content; and utilise correct writing techniques. Send us a message  to learn how we can help improve your child’s written communication skills.







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