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Help in Preparing for ATAR Exams

Academic Task Force’s Creelman Exam Questions series aim is to help your exam preparation by providing a structured resource, using actual WACE exam questions from the previous 6 years to help you prepare for your ATAR exams. This format ensures you become familiar with all parts of the ATAR syllabus. The questions are grouped into topics to give you vital help to efficiently practice real exam questions. Model answers and marks allocation help you monitor your progress. By following this revision pattern you will be able to face your exams with confidence.

The Creelman Exam Questions series follows the format developed by Andrew Creelman, an experienced maths teacher. The format was based on his experience as a student and teacher. ’’It was my practice in preparing for exams to go through the last few years of exams and group the questions into topics to gain an understanding of the type of questions asked, the frequency of questions in certain areas and to get an insight into what the examiners were looking for. This focussed my exam preparation and I went into exams well prepared.’’

Key features of the Creelman Exam question series

• ATAR exam preparation
• Actual WACE questions
• Arranged in topics to aid revision
• Marks allocation to assist you to pace yourself
• Model answers to monitor the value of your answers.

The 2018 editions contain the 2012 - 2015 WACE exam questions and the 2016 and 2017 ATAR Course exam questions with model answers.


Available titles

  • Accounting and Finance ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Chris Durrant
  • Biology ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Annabel Kanaki
  • Chemistry ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Lyndon Smith
  • Economics ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Andrew Tibbitt
  • Geography ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Doug Wilson
  • Human Biology ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Annabel Kanakis
  • Mathematics Applications ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Shanahan Mooney
  • Mathematics Methods ATAR Course Units 3 & 4by Tim Oates
  • Mathematics Specialist ATAR Course Units 3 & 4  by Tim Oates
  • Physical Education ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Shannon Cain
  • Physics ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Dr Roy Skinner
  • Politics and Law ATAR Course Units 3 & 4 by Lindy Precious


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